About me

I work with Porcelain Paper Clay, which when it is fired the paper burns off to leave a light, delicate form. I slip-cast and slab-form and my signature style is the use of copper and a red glaze.

I love these materials because of their clarity and delicacy, the art of combining the materials in different forms to meet my ideas is both a challenge and a passion.

My main inspiration comes from Asia where I spent 20 years of my life. I am also interested in history and have incorporated this into some of my series. As I have lived near coasts most of my life this has influenced some of my more recent body of work.

I have always been interested in Art and after my children had reached a sufficient age I embarked on a BA [1st class honours] followed by a MA [Distinction] in Glass and Ceramics at Sunderland University 2003-2007.

After which I joined an artists’ group, East Durham Artists’ Network [EDAN] based in Seaham on the North East Coast.

There is a small gallery where we have a new exhibition every month. We also exhibit around the North and have done “exchange exhibitions” with St. Ives Art Group in the South West and with Gerlingen in Germany. Recently we held an exhibition in the Brussels Parliament.